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Hello, my name is Linda Bisson, I have been a qualified orthotist-prosthetist since 1991. In more than 30 years, I have learned a lot about the human body and about people. I have had the chance to work in various laboratories which allowed me to acquire expertise with children as well as athlétic and geriatric clients. In 2004 I finally opened my own laboratory specializing in plantar orthotics including home service. Recently, at the request of my patients, I added compression stockings to my services. It was then that I realized how much this product had improved in recent years. I still love making plantar orthotics so much and that's certainly what sets me apart the most from the competition, I now have the chance to do the complete biomechanical assessment, take the mold, make the orthotics and deliver them myself. That means no intermediaries for evaluations and follow-ups, it's certainly a big advantage for my clients! I offer a professional and personalized service at home or at my clinical office. Each client is unique and before making orthotics, I make sure to have taken the time to assess their real needs in order to ensure their satisfaction. Moreover, to my greatest happiness, my business has become a family business, my daughter has joined me in order to serve you even better!